The Bloomberg Way

I don’t know who this guy is, but my friend Maria posted this on Facebook a minute ago and it blew my mind.


You have to think for yourself.  You have to think critically.  You have to question the choices being made for you by those people supposedly looking out for your interests and then you need to decide if they are doing what they claim.


Peter and I moved to Brooklyn earlier this year.  We moved here for numerous reasons, but one of those reasons was that everything that I considered novel and interesting that was happening in NYC proper was happening there.  Brooklyn is the new frontier.  Manhattanites are moving here in DROVES, and when I say Manhattanites, I mean most of the people who used to make Manhattan the interesting place it once was.

Now, I am not insane. I know there is a lot to do in Manhattan.  It isn’t a wasteland.  But it IS becoming more and more like Short Hills, NJ.  I love NJ, and I even like Short Hills, but I don’t want to live there.  I don’t need a Duane Reade or Chase Bank on every corner.   I don’t want to see Gaps and Pinkberries and Chipotles everywhere.  I don’t need to see tidy newsstands, and I certainly don’t need to pay $4000 a month in MAINTENANCE.


Think about it.  What has Bloomberg done for NYC except give corporations and developers a free pass to do whatever they want with very little payback in terms of taxes or infrastructure improvements?  Has anyone seen the Barclay Center?  It’s probably going to be the biggest clusterfuck ever seen in Brooklyn.

Just saying.



The Bloomberg Way.


2 thoughts on “The Bloomberg Way

  1. i agree 100 percent i lived in Brooklyn all my life and i love my little section of Brooklyn away from all the super centers and banks everywhere. Just a nice peaceful neighborhood that doesn’t see much action but has everything i need a stones throw away. As for Bloombags as i call him he has done NOTHING for NYC except be a big pain in the ass who wants to tell us how and what we should eat, drink, smoke and do.That and raise the real estate and water bill taxes of the average middle class new yorker so he can give the big corporations a free ride to do what they please. the sooner he is GONE the better i will feel.Anyone is better then him ANYONE!!!

    • solidsilver says:

      I had a grudging respect for Bloomberg until he appointed himself Mayor for a third term. He alienated me further with that idiotic Olympic bid/Hudson Yards debacle. I think his approaches are well intentioned with regard to quality of life, but as you say, he has gone off the deep end. Combine that with his corporate/business approach to a city of INDIVIDUALS, and he’s lost me.

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